10" Crystalized Native Copper with Lighted Case

10" Crystalized Native Copper with Lighted Case

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Part Number:JV16-BIGCOP

From: Centennial Mine, Houghton County, Michigan, USA
Size: 9.3 x 25.7 x 2.8cm
Weight: 1150g

Michigan is known for some of the world's best native copper specimens, and this specimen exemplifies why. The condition is absolutely perfect with no damage or repairs. It is an unusually large size with fantastic color. Some of the copper shows a gold hue under incandescent lighting while the crystallize areas are more of a copper-brown. There are many copper crystals in the 2.5cm range thoughout the specimen which comes with an acrylic display base that allows it to stand upright on display.

This specimen is so exquisite that it even comes with its own custom-made lighted display case. This display case is made from glass and mahogany, and uses dimmable LED lighting to illuminate the subject. The lighting is even custom designed to be a hybrid mix of warm and cool LEDs to give the copper that perfect color temperature.

This isn't just a mineral specimen; it is fine art.

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