Fluorescent Manganocalcite & Manganite

Fluorescent Manganocalcite & Manganite

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Part Number:BAR17-MANGO
From: Montreal, Wisconsin, USA 
Size:9.8 x 7.4 x 10.0cm
Weight: 562g 

This unusual mineral specimen looks like melting strawberry ice cream on a chocolate brownie! Typically, when you see a Manganocalcite specimen it is from China, but this one is from a very rare locality in Wisconsin. The specimen is in perfection condition other than the contact area on the left side, but that natural contact deformation just adds to the molten ice cream appearance. The manganocalcite has a light pink color which is fluorescent under long-wave UV, and it glows a hot-pink color. The manganite is a sparkly black.

Ex. Lee Myers Collection - Lee was the lease holder at Green Monster Mtn., Alaska in the 1970's.

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