Large Bituminous Sulphur & Aragonite

Large Bituminous Sulphur & Aragonite

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Part Number:TZ17-ZOLFOBG
From: Cozzo Disi Mine, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy 
Size: 18 x 15 x 9cm
Weight: 2114g

 This is a large bituminous sulphur specimen from the classic Cozzo Disi Mine in Italy with absolutely enormous sulphur crystals! The largest crystal measures 2" (5.2cm) from corner to corner, and the condition is fantastic with no damage to any of the crystals. The aragonite has a few small casts where additional crystals one grew. The black bitumen adds excellent contrast bringing out the details of the sulphur against the aragonite. The size of the specimen and the incredible size of the crystals makes this a very special find. It is an old specimen, and the mine has been closed for a very long time so specimens like this are hard to come by.

This exquisite mineral specimen comes with a custom acrylic display base.

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