Large Intersecting Phantom Fluorite Corners

Large Intersecting Phantom Fluorite Corners

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Part Number:DCO16-STPFL

From: Denton Mine, Hardin County, Illinois, USA
Size: 12.0 x 12.2 x 6.4cm
Weight: 654g

What fantastic form this one has! Very dramatic and unusual with a lot going on to talk about. This consists of two large purple fluorite corners that have grown together. The one on the left broke in half at some point in its life, but it self healed, and in a major way. It's hard to see in the photos, but that crack on the leff cube is actually a chasam which normally would have broken the entire piece off, but in this case fluorite continued growing, so it completely welded itself back together. The result is a break frozen in time! Even the backside is self healed. Additionally, there is fantastic stepping and phantom zoning visible in both halves. Like most fluorites, this is best displayed with a good side or backlight so the zones get illuminated like in the photos. Condition is quite good with no damage - the backs show self healing, and the front edges and corners are in very good condition.

The acrylic stand shown in the photos is not included.

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