Large Spanish Phantom Fluorite

Large Spanish Phantom Fluorite

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Part Number:FLW16-LAVMED

From: La Viesca Mine, Asturias, Spain
Size: 19 x 13 x 11cm
Weight: 3124g

Spanish fluorites are renowned for their glassy composition, and the fluorites from the La Viesca mine are some of the best in the world. This La Viesca Fluorite is absolutely stunning! In daylight it appears as a glassy, clear, light sky blue with a faint purple core. There are some other phantom inclusions near some of the outer edges, and is also some small amount of barite on the back side.

This fine mineral specimen consists of several very large fluorite cubes that are intergrown. The middle cube on the front of the specimen measures a whopping 8.3cm wide! The edges show the classic stepped growth pattern which is one of the identifying marks of a La Viesca Fluorite. The rear cube has a cleaved corner, and there is some contact and outer edge damage. The front faces, however, are quite clean and very transparent. You can look DEEP into the fluorite cubes which is really quite impressive!

This beautiful Spanish fluorite is fit for any mineral collector's display cabinet, and it comes with a labeled acylic display base.

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