Prehnite "Knot", Hematite, Quartz

Prehnite "Knot", Hematite, Quartz

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Part Number:JW17-KNOT
From: Imilchil, Er Rachida Province, Morocco
Size: 7.1 x 4.8 x 6.2cm
Weight: 172g 

This is simply the coolest mineral specimen we've seen in a while! From a distance it looks like a messy BBQ sandwich, and up close it looks like a perfectly tied rope knot on a bed of chopped strawberries. What you're seeing, however, is actually prehnite with hematite-included quartz crystals. At this same location back in 2012 there was a find of green prehnite that had a vaguely similar lamellar crystal growth habit, but the prehnite looked more like scoops of green ice cream than knotted rope, and frankly the specimens, while interesting, were not particularly aesthetic or valuable. Then in late 2016 there was another small find of which this is the single best specimen known. This newer find consisted of mainly green prehnite on clear/white quartz, but some of the specimens had hematite inclusions which turned the prehnite a tan color and made the quartz a tomato-red color. 

The specimen you see here is by far the finest one of its kind in the world! The knot-shaped prehnite crystal is absolutely perfect and pristine. The form is mesmerizing and the condition is flawless. The tan against the saturated red quartz is both aesthetic and eye-catching. This specimen is a very rare opportunity to own something unusual, beautiful, and the finest of its type you will ever see. 

The specimen comes with the labeled acrylic display base.

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