Prehnite "Rope Knot"

Prehnite "Rope Knot"

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Part Number:FB17-PRKNOT1
From: Imilchil, Er Rachida Province, Morocco 
Size: 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.8cm
Weight: 90g 

This mineral specimen that looks like a hemp rope knot is actually prehnite hematite impurities which give it the rope-like coloring. At the bottom of the specimen are red quartz crystals which are also hematite-included which results in the red color. The prehnite crystal is just amazing to see! The condition on the front side is essentially perfect There is a cleaved area on the back where it appears another prehnite crystal once existed, but even this adds to the specimen because it allows you to see the internal structure of the knot. These specimens are very rare and unusual, and are some of the most interesting prehnites in the world. 

The specimen comes with the labeled acrylic display base.

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