Skeletal Scepter Amethyst Plate

Skeletal Scepter Amethyst Plate

Your Price: $3,600.00
Part Number:BAR16-AMNEST

From: Brandberg Proper, Erongo region, Namibia
Size: 11.8 x 5.3 x 8.9cm
Weight: 286g

Absolute perfection is what best describes this exquisite amethyst specimen! This plate is an amethyst nest with a combination of regular amethyst, skeletal amethyst, and scepter amethyst. The aesthetics are just outstanding, and the condition is absolutely pristine. Zero damage whatsoever, and no repairs. Best of all this is a full-fledged Brandberg specimen from what is now the National Park where mining is prohibited, so no more of these will be coming from this location.

The specimen comes complete with a custom milled Sunnywood base.

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