Greenstone Fine Mineralia specializes in fine mineral specimens. We are both mineral collectors and mineral dealers.  From tourmaline to fluorite, barite to rhodochrosite, calcite to amethyst we collect it all! For us it is all about aesthetics and uniqueness of every mineral specimen. We try to find specimens which are aesthetically outstanding or otherwise unique. Fine minerals are nature's fine art, so color, form, condition, and provenance all play an important part in what we sell. Additionally, we also purchase mineral collections, so if you are looking to sell yours please contact us.

We often get asked if we do payment plans, and the answer is YES!  We do layaways all the time, so if you need time paying for a specimen just let us know and we're always happy to work with you.

Featured Specimens

Fluorite Ball on Amethyst
Rare Amethyst, Chalcopyrite & Calcite
Large Fujian Fluorite
Phantom Fluorite
Double Blue Halite Cubes on Sylvite
AVAILABLE Free Shipping.
Beryl var. Heliodor
AVAILABLE Free Shipping.
Stepped Berbes Fluorite on Quartz
AVAILABLE Free Shipping.
Perfect Double-Terminated Aquamarine & Albite
AVAILABLE Free Shipping.
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