9-Cube Pyrite Cluster on Matrix
9-Cube Pyrite Cluster on Matrix

9-Cube Pyrite Cluster on Matrix

Your Price: $900.00
Part Number:DU21-PYCLM
From: Victoria Mine, La Rioja, Navajún, Spain
Size: 12.5 x 11.5 x 8cm 
Weight: 1218g

This is an exceptional, large pyrite cube cluster on matrix! There are 9 high-quality pyrite cubes, some intergrown and perched on the matrix. The largest cube is 4cm long. Great aesthetics, and it comes on a custom Greenstone Mineral Base. 

These Spanish pyrites are some of the world's most amazing mineral specimens, and people often think they are man-made. But these perfect cubes are completely natural and grow like this all on their own. They're made of iron and sulphur, and the world's best pyrites come from Spain, specifically, the Victoria Mine in Navajun. When these come out of the ground they are very fragile, and as part of the normal cleaning process they detach the cubes, clean them, and then put them back together as they were originally, but now much stronger.

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