"Alien Egg" Fluorite
'Alien Egg' Fluorite

"Alien Egg" Fluorite

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Part Number:PC-TZ18-ALIENEGG
From: Erongo Region, Namibia
Size:  16.0 x 12.3 x 9.0cm
Weight: 3046g 

Simply put this is the most extraordinary Erongo Fluorite we have ever seen or could even find a reference to! You may be familiar with the famous "Alien Eye" fluorites from Erongo which are generally deemed the finest Namibian fluorites, but this one is more incredible than any Alien Eye. It seems to be a one-of-a-kind piece because we did extensive research and could not find another example even close to this. 

What we have here is a twin, glass-clear, pale blue fluorite covered with dark purple fluorite. The specimen is huge and thick, but despite this light passes through it very easily which really makes it light up! Even just ambient room lighting is enough to enter the backside of the specimen and be visible from the front making the specimen appear to glow. The contrast of the dark purple partially obscuring the clear, light blue makes the specimen look very alien in origin, and that's why we call this the "Alien Egg" fluorite. 

The condition is perfect with no dings, damage or repairs. The backside is cleaved from where it detached from the host rock, but this glassy cleavage is what allows light to so easily enter the crystal to illuminate it. The right twin crystal has a visible internal cleavage, but it isn't breaching the surface. The left twin is virtually flawless internally. There are other colors visible inside the fluorite such as a yellow zone in the right twin and a green zone in the middle-bottom. This is a true Wow! specimen that is unlike any other out there, and it is the pride and joy of our collection. You will not find a more impressive Namibian fluorite for sale anywhere!

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