Aquamarine , Albite, Quartz, and Schorl

Aquamarine , Albite, Quartz, and Schorl

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From: Shigar Valley, Pakistan
Size: 13.6 x 10.1 x 8cm
Weight: 861g

It's hard to capture how nice this piece is in a 2D photo because the specimen is very 3D. On the bottom you can see a large black tourmaline (schorl), and the albite "igloo" appears to be growing around it. Off to one side is a nice, terminated quartz crystal, and at the base of the quartz you can see a pale blue aquamarine crystal.

Overall, the piece is in very good condition, however, there is a fracture running through the bottom of the quartz crystal and continuing through the aquamarine. It is unclear if any repairs have been done here.

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