Baluchistan Purple Fluorite

Baluchistan Purple Fluorite

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From: Ghuwai Mine, District Loralai, Balochistan, Pakistan
Size: 11.1 x 7 x 6cm
Weight: 767g

The purple fluorite coming out of the Ghuwai Mine is very unique. The fluorite cubes are highly detailed with lots of sub-cube structure, and the overall larger cubes appear to be intersecting and intermingling. The purple tends to be mostly near the surface, while the backs are colorless. This allows light to easily pass through the fluorite making it go from a dark purple when front lit, to a light purple with zoning when backlit.

Some vendors of this material refer to it as "Color Change" flurotie, but this is misleading. The fluorite does not actually change color, but since it transmits light through it so easily, the color of the specimen is easiliy manipulated by illuminating it with lights of different colors. Under normal lighting, however, it looks purple as in these photos, but it will appear orange if you shine a very incandescent/warm light source through it.

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