Blue Aragonite from Afghanistan
Blue Aragonite from Afghanistan

Blue Aragonite from Afghanistan

Your Price: $600.00
Part Number:FB21-BLUEARSM
From: Helmand, Afghanistan
Size: 6.7 x 15.0 x 3.9cm
Weight: 376g

We've sold a lot of blue aragonite over the years, but these new specimens from Afghanistan are easily our favorites, and they are by far the best from Helmand we have ever seen! You have to see them in person to fully appreciate the color and form, but they look like blue styrofoam or blue spray insulation. The color is amazing, and at first we thought maybe they had been dyed, but upon closer inspection you can see the growth layers of differing shades of blue in the cross-section, so these are definitely not dyed. On the backsides is some original matrix material which appears to be a sandstone.

The condition is excellent with no damage to the face, just some trimming edges on the sides where it was cut from the matrix. The specimen comes with a custom display base.

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