Blue-Cap Tourmaline on Schorl & Cleavlandite

Blue-Cap Tourmaline on Schorl & Cleavlandite

Your Price: $11,000.00
Part Number:DCO17-BLUECAP
From: Laghman, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan
Size: 7.3 x 6.0 x 6.7cm
Weight: 394g 

We've seen and sold quite a few blue-cap tourmalines, but this one really wins first place! This is a very special blue-cap tourmaline for several reasons starting with the color. The color is a slightly greensih blue, so it's brighter than most indicolites. It's similar in color to a Paraiba tourmaline, but not as neon. The next thing that's special is how thick the blue layer is. It appears to be 50% of the height of the tourmaline, and that alone would be remarkable, but upon closer inspection you'll notice that the blue layer is actually coating the *entire* crystal from top to bottom. The bottom dark area is actually a black schorl tourmaline encased inside of the blue. The indicolte grew on top and around the schorl giving this a really unique appearance - it is essentally a phantom tourmaline with an inner black core and outer blue shell. The tourmaline itself is 5.9cm wide and 6cm tall. The Cleavlandite surrounding the side and back of the tourmaline is also remarkable, and adds incredible aesthetics to the piece! We have big blades of Cleavlandite that have a very, very light blue tint to them. The overall aesthetic of this piece is that of a sky-blue mineral floating on a white cloud. It's gorgeous and in perfect condition with no repairs or enhancements! 

The specimen comes with a custom Sunnywood acrylic display base.

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