Captorhinus aguti Fossil Skeleton
Captorhinus aguti Fossil Skeleton

Captorhinus aguti Fossil Skeleton

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IMPORTANT: Because of how fragile this fossil is we cannot ship it! It is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL PICKUP IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. 

From: Richards Spur, Dolese Brothers Limestone Quarry, Lawton, Oklahoma, USA 
Size: 44 x 21.5 x 5cm (17.3" x 8.5" x 2")

Captorhinus is an extinct genus of reptiles that lived during the Permian period around 280 million years ago, and the best preserved specimens ever found come from the Richards Spur in Oklahoma. This fossil location is generally considered to have the best preserved Permian fossils found anywhere on Earth. Normally, fossils from this era are flat as a pancake due to being crushed by tons of rock over hundreds of millions of years, but this location is unique in how the fossils were preserved. In the early Permian there was a karst/cave system here into which the dead animals would sometimes get washed during strong rains. The remains of these animals would get trapped in the karst formations where they would become fossilized without the threat of being crushed. Over time petroleum that seeps into the rock stains the fossilized bones which is why they have a dark color. 

Some fantastic information about Captorhinus and the Richards Spur can be found on Wikipedia at and

So, having a complete, 3D, Permian fossil specimen is an amazing thing, and this Captorhinus aguti skeleton is composed of 100% real Captorhinus bones. It is important to note that this is a compound fossil that was reconstructed. When these fossils are found they are encased in a limestone matrix and the bones have to be individually removed and cleaned. It is practically unheard of for all of the bones in a single animal to be found, so any bones that are missing are replaced by matching bones from another Captorhinus. Once the bones are cleaned they are reassembled onto this fabricated matrix which is considerably more stable than the original matrix. It's the same idea behind how dinosaur skeletons are prepped and mounted for display. 

The matrix measure 44 x 21.5 x 3cm in size (not including the thickness of the fossil protruding out). The fossil itself measures 28 x 13.5cm and the skull is 4.5cm long. 

This incredible fossil skeleton comes with a metal display stand, the acrylic & wood display case, and the custom-made information plate.

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