Cave Aragonite

Cave Aragonite

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Part Number:FB18-CAVARG
From: ChinaSize: 11.6 x 15.0 x 4.4cm
Weight: 178g 

This is a rather unusual and exceptionally beautiful cave aragonite specimen, and there is so much more detail in person than the camera can express. The crystal formation is so unusual with long, parallel and cross-crossed crystals that have perpendicular, shorter offshoots. It looks like some sort of white dragon skin! The piece is almost a floater, but at the bottom where it is connected to the base is probably where there was a narrow connection point to the original host. Condition is excellent with very little damage. 

This specimen came from the collection of a man in Dallas who passed away in early 2018. Unfortunately, he didn't do a good job of labeling the specimens in his collection, so all we know is that this came from China. The exact location is unknown. 

The aragonite is attached to an acrylic display base with hot glue, and in order to transport this delicate specimen we will have to remove it from the base. You will need to re-glue it yourself when you receive it.

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