Double Calcite Crystals on Quartz

Double Calcite Crystals on Quartz

Your Price: $625.00
Part Number:BAR18-BIGBOR
From: Borieva Mine, Madan, Rhodope Mtns., Bulgaria
Size: 7.0 x 9.8 x 5.2cm
Weight: 224g 

A beautiful double-calcite on quartz from a one-off pocket at the Borieva Mine in Bulgaria! This pocket was discovered in late July of 2017. There are two large calcite crystals growing on top of each other forming a curved chain. In back of the calcite crystals is a bed of finger-like quartz crystals with green chlorite inclusions. The scalenohedral calcite crystals are yellow-amber color, and are comprised of hundreds of flattened, stacked rhombohedrons. A highly aesthetic, beautiful, and unique specimen! Very good condition with no significant damage. 

The specimen comes with a custom acrylic display base.

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