"El Corazon del Mar" Grape Agate Chalcedony
'El Corazon del Mar' Grape Agate Chalcedony

"El Corazon del Mar" Grape Agate Chalcedony

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Part Number:DCO18-CORAZON
From: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Size: 11.9 x 9.0 x 5.8cm
Weight: 340g 

Go to any mineral show and you're bound to see lots of "grape agate" chalcedony specimen from Indonesia, and after a while they all start to look the same. However, this one is extremely special and extraordinary! The first thing everyone says when they first see it is that it looks like a heart - not a Valentine's Day heart, but a real heart, so at some point as it traded hands someone named this "El Corazon del Mar" which means Heart of the Sea, and that's exactly what it looks like. While the heart shape does come though in a 2D photo, in person it really looks like one. 

The other thing that makes this specimen special is the color. Most of these Sulawesi grape agates are purple, but this one is primarily a teal shade of blue which is unusual. The specimen is almost a complete floater, but it has one very small contact point on the backside. Other than that, it is in perfect condition with no damage that we could spot. Another thing that the camera can't capture is the sparkly / velvety appearance of the chalcedony. The heart section is a matte texture while the bubbly chalcedony area sparkles like crazy! This is an awesome specimen!

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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