Etched Blue-Tip Celestite from Texas
Etched Blue-Tip Celestite from Texas

Etched Blue-Tip Celestite from Texas

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Part Number:BB18-ETCHCEL
From: Hwy 360 Road Work, Austin, Travis Co., Texas, USA
Size: 6.7 x 5.6 x 3.4cm
Weight: 122g 

This is an extremely special specimen from an extremely special find in Austin, Texas. A single find of these was made in 2013 near some roadwork that was being done on a highway. Most of the specimens resembled arrowheads with blue tips, and only a small handful of them were top-quality specimens. Even fewer were etched like this one. This is arguably the very best etched one of the entire find, and now that the dig site has been paved over it's unlikely any more Celestites like this will ever be found. 

The front side of this is the heavily etched side while the back is only slightly etched and still retains much of the "arrowhead" shape. The blue tip on this is much darker than most, and it seems the blue areas etch away slower than the white areas which is causing the blue tip to protrude out like a little blue gem sitting on top of the white celestite. In normal room lighting the tip appears like a blueberry - darker blue. But once you shine light on it it looks more neon-blue and you can easily see how gemmy it is! 

This specimen is one of the very best of this rare find of celestite, and has no damage. It even stands up on its own whic is always a plus! It comes with a custom display base.

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