Etched & Stepped Fluorite with Calcite on Sphalerite from Elmwood

Etched & Stepped Fluorite with Calcite on Sphalerite from Elmwood

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Part Number:DCO16-ELMFLCL

From: Elmwood Mine, Tennessee, USA
Size: 9.2 x 12.3 x 6.2cm
Weight: 756g

The Elmwood Mine is closed, so finding these nice purple fluorite - calcite - sphalerite combos is becoming harder and harder. This one is somewhat unusual. For starters, the fluorite is both etched and stepped. There are partial fluorite cubes on the top, and the middle one has been eteched out hollow, and from the side you can see into the partialy hollowed cube where there are now tiny, sharp fluorite spikes forming. The fluorite appears to have two stages of growth with the inner cores being etched out with a stepped outer growth forming a more complete-looking cube structure. Bottom line is that the fluorite is unusual and interesting. There are also two large calcite crystals which have a rather undefined growth pattern. There are faces, but they're not uniform like most Elmwood's have.

Overall the piece is in very good shape. The fluorite is undamaged with just the natural etching, and contact points on the back which have recrystalized. The calcites have some very minor dings on the tips, and the sphalerite crystals are quite large and have good lustre and red-orange translucency.

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic base.

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