Fluorescent Calcite on Calcite

Fluorescent Calcite on Calcite

Your Price: $375.00
Part Number:TZ19-CALCAL
From: Shizhuyuan Mine, Hunan, China
Size: 11.4 x 10.0 x 7.3cm
Weight: 206g 

This is actually 2 different genrations and forms of calcite. The base is actually a very, very pale manganocalcite as it has a very faint pink hue to it, and it is comprised of hundreds of flattened, disc-like calcite crystals. The spire growing up from the base is a more pure-white calcite with some interesting steps that look almost plant-like. The specimen appears to be a complete floater with no damage as there is crystallization all around it and no evidence of a contact point. Both forms of calcite glow bright orange under long-wave UV.

The specimen comes on a labeled acrlyic display base.

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