Fluorite from Illinois
Fluorite from Illinois

Fluorite from Illinois

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Part Number:DC21-HAST
From: Hastie's Quartty, Spar Mountain, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA 
Size: 9.4 x 12.5 x 12.3cm
Weight: 1286g

This fluorite is from a NEW find in Illinois! Most Illinois fluorite on the market is from the 1980's or earlier because the mines were shut down after that, but these new specimens from Hardin Co., were pulled out in the last year. It's a little hard to get the full 3D effect of this specimen in a 2D photo, but what we have are three, large, intergrown, colorless fluroite crystals, and on top of them is a cityscape of smaller purple fluorite cubes. In the closeup photos you can see some phantom zoning in the purple crytals. 

The specimen comes on one of our custom mineral bases.

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