Fossil Actinodon Plate

Fossil Actinodon Plate

Your Price: $950.00
Part Number:TZ16-ACTINO
From: Meisenheim FM , Niederhausen / Germany 
Size: 16.7 x 19.0 x 1.1cm 

This amazing fossil plate is approximately 295 million years old and dates back to the Lower Permian period. The remarkably well preserved animal is an Actinodon, an extinct species of amphibians. The actinodon itself measures 13cm as it is on the plate (the animal itself would be longer if straight).  The details of the head are quite evident with string relief on the jaw line. As is common with most fossils there has been some enhancement with graphite to bring out the details of some of the finer areas.  That being said, this fossil is in excellent condition, and the back has been reinforced with a thin layer of fiberglass to prevent any accidents, so it is quite sturdy, and well supported. This fantastic and special find is ready to be framed or mounted for display. The wooden stand in the photo is not included (it's the wrong size for it anyway).

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