Fossil Mosasaur Skeleton
Fossil Mosasaur Skeleton

Fossil Mosasaur Skeleton

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From: Sidi Daoui, Morocco
Size: 78" x 42"" x 22" (as mounted). Skeleton is 81" long from tail to chin.

Mosasaurs were ancient Marine Reptiles that lived 75-65 million years ago during the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous period. They went extinct during the Cretaceous Tertiary Extinction Event - the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs and 75% of all species on the planet. Mosasaurs were considered the top marine predators during the Late Cretaceous, and are sometimes referred to as the "T. Rex of the Sea". They ate virtually everything they could swallow, and their jaws were similar to those of a snake because they were not hinged and could disarticulate to swallow large prey.

This exquisite fossilized Mosasaur skeleton belongs to the species Halisaurus Arambourgi. Most Mosasaur species are large and can be up to 55' in length, so they require a museum in which to be displayed; but Haliasaurus is a relatively rare, smaller species of Mosasaur which makes them easy to display in a home, office, or gallery. This particular fossil is 6' 9" long - big enough to impress, but small enough to be practical. "Maury the Mosasaur", as he is named, is 70-65 million years old, and he was discovered in 2014 in the phosphate beds of Sidi Daoui in Morocco. Below are the original photos as he was found and extracted from the ground:

Fossil Mosasaur Halisaurus Arambourgi Skeleton in Matrix
On the left are the bones from the rib cage to the head, and on the right are the bones from the tail.

The next 8 months were spent extracting Maury from the matrix material, restoring and mounting him. The prep work was done by a team experienced in Mosasaur preparations. The result is a sculptural work of natural art!

Maury, in our opinion, is the most beautifully prepared and presented Mosasaurus Halisaurus Arambourgi skeleton to ever come on the market. He is 65-70% original with only 30-35% restoration which makes him the most complete example we have seen. The skull itself is very well preserved and has only about 20% restoration. The restoration work is so expertly done that it is extremely difficult to tell where the real bone ends and the restoration begins. The metal armature that supports the skeleton puts Maury in a very dramatic pose, so he is sure to impress anyone who sees him.

Assembly time is only about 25-35 minutes, and once you've seen it done you shouldn't have any trouble disassembling and reassembling it yourself. All of his vertabrae and ribs are numbered, so it's easier than one would expect. The skeleton bones and armature come in two Pelican cases (see photos) for easy transport.

Maury the Mosasaur is museum quality, and to our knowledge there are no other mounted Halisaurus skeletons on the market today. This is a unique opportunity to own something quite rare, impressive, and very, very special. Maury is available for private viewings in Austin, Texas by appointment.

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