Fossil Sclerocephalus & Branchiosauria

Fossil Sclerocephalus & Branchiosauria

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From: Meisenheim FM , Niederhausen / Germany 
Size: 29.6 x 20.1 x 0.7cm 

This amazing fossil plate is approximately 295 million years old and dates back to the Lower Permian period. It contains two different species of extinct amphibians. The large one is a Sclerocephalus, and the small one by his tail is a Branchiosauria. Adult Sclerocephalus' reached a length of about 150 cm, and this one is abpit 21.5cm long. Their body features suggest an aquatic mode of life, with aquatic larvae that probably breathed with external gills like modern tadpoles, while the adults breathed with lungs. Branchiosauria are another form of ancient amphibians which were much smaller, and appeared much like a salamander. 

This fossil is in excellent condition, and having two different species so well preserved on a single plate is rather remarkable. The fossil is very thin, and has a slight curvature to it. The back has been reinforced with fiberglass, so it is quite sturdy, and well supported. This fantastic and special find is ready to be framed or mounted for display.

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