Fossil Stingray with Fish
Fossil Stingray with Fish

Fossil Stingray with Fish

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From: South Dempsey Quarry, F2 Formation, 16" Below Red Layer, Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA
Size: 36" x 29.5" (with frame), 28.5" x 22.5" (fossil only)

This is the finest example of a fossil Heliobatis Radians stingray with Fish that we have ever seen! It is in incredible condition, and has impeccable provenance since it can be traced back to the day it was found in the Green River formation. It was found in October 2015 by Teena Suprise of Piscese Prehistoric. Initially, she thought she had only found a single fish fossil, and right as they were going to cut the slab a layer peeled off revealing part of the stingray's fin. This is the moment you see in the photo below with Teena pointing to the revealed fin. After further cleaning a total of 5 layers were discovered with the stingray on the bottom.

The top fish is estimated to have died approximately 100 years after the stingray. The entire fossil itself is 50 million years old. Some of these types of fossils with stingrays and fish are not what they seem; they are made-up composites of real fossils which have been put together to form nice grouping, and many have been enhanced with waxes or shoe polish to bring out the appearance of the fossil impressions. This one, however, is original with no enhancement. The only restoration is a quarter-sized patch on the right fin of the stingray where some rock lifted up during excavation. The restoration is excellent, however, and if you didn't know there was any restoration you would never notice it. There has been some stabilization to the matrix, and the entire fossil plate has been mounted with a wood back that has a metal mounting bracket attached to it.

The wooden frame that you see around the fossil is not attached to it. It is a completely separate entity which is independently mounted to the wall, and the fossil is then placed over that.

This item is only available for local pick-up in Austin, Texas. We cannot ship it due to its fragile nature, so ignore the shipping price in the listing.

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