Gaskins Mine Fluorite w/ Galena & Calcite
Gaskins Mine Fluorite w/ Galena & Calcite

Gaskins Mine Fluorite w/ Galena & Calcite

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Part Number:TZ17-GASKFL
From: Gaskins Mine, Pope County, Illinois, USA
Size: 13.6 x 10.9 x 7.8cm
Weight: 1204g

We are very proud to have this piece in our collection because it is a very special Illinois Fluorite. Most great Fluorites from Illinois come from the Cave-in-Rock District in Hardin County, but this one comes from the Gaskins Mine in Pope County. This is a fairly rare locality, and there is very little Gaskins material on the market, especially any pieces as significant as this one.

The condition is quite remarkable as there is no damage at all on the front or sides, however, one corner does has a small restoration. There is some contact area on the back and bottom, but new crystal growth has started on most of it, so it has been naturally self-healed. This is a very pristine piece which is amazing considering it was originally found in the late 1960's. 

The grey crystals are galena, and on the sides and back you will see small calcite crystals. The phantoming is unusual because it doesn't follow the perimiter of the individual fluorite crystals, but rather it follows the specimen as a whole. The bulk of the fluorite is a slightly yellowish white, but then it turns to blue and then purple. 

Ex. Leonard Himes Collection. 

The specimen comes with a custom Greenstone Mineral Base.

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