"Grape Agate" Quartz Chalcedony

"Grape Agate" Quartz Chalcedony

Your Price: $230.00
Part Number:DCO18-GRAPE
From: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Size: 6.3 x 5.0 x 6.3cm
Weight: 146g 

This complete floater "grape agate" specimen has no contact points and is in near-perfect condition. In the closeup photos you can make out some very minor damage to a few crystals, but to the naked eye it's pristine. This is a mix of blue and purple botryoidal quartz chalcedony crystals on a larger "blob" of the same material. The specimen stands on its own and is extremely sparkly! The little white dots you see in the photos are not impurities, they are the sparkles of the quartz, and in proper lighting it glitters beautifuly!

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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