Hematite Rose w/ Quartz
Hematite Rose w/ Quartz

Hematite Rose w/ Quartz

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Part Number:OU20-HEMAROSE
From: Le Chang Mine, Jinlong, Guangdong Province, China
Size: 7.8 x 5.4 x 3.2cm
Weight: 52g

This is a particular prisinte example of a Hematite Rose with Quartz because the quartz crystals are absolutely perfect, damage-free, and have perfect terminations. This is a very difficult specimen to photograph because the Quartz is actually water-clear, and the hematite is black. So, in the photos you see a milky-looking quartz and a grey hematite, but that's not how it actually looks in person; it's just how the photographs come out with the studio lighting. In person you get a better sense of just how good this specimen is! The hematite rose itself is a single crystal with layered, rose-like blades, and is damage-free. There is no oxidization rusting - it's just black hematite. 

This specimen is ex. Ray Berry Collection, and he acquired it September 11, 2001

The specimen comes with a custom display base.

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