Hollow Schorl with Quartz

Hollow Schorl with Quartz

Your Price: $980.00
Part Number:FB17-HOLOSCRL
From: Skardu, Pakistan
Size: 4.4 x 12.3 x 4.7cm
Weight: 364g 

If you've been visiting the Greenstone Fine Mineralia store for a while then you've probably noticed that we like unusual mineral specimens, especially ones with things inside of other things. This specimen here is not your average black tourmaline with quartz, not by a long shot. For starters it is doubly terminated and appears to be a floater with no point of origin anywhere on it. The bottom is actually a green tourmaline, and if you look closely you can see the demarcation layer where it changes to black schorl tourmaline. The top end of the specimen has a rather crazy spiral-shaped termination because it appears that it grew around a quartz crystals, or perhaps the quartz crystal grew in at the same time. Either way, it has created a completely hollow top section, and the clear quartz crystal that you see on the front actually penetrates into the hollow center. The tourmaline itself has a very black, shiny luster and is in generally good contdition with what appear to be a few, possibly natural, dings on the sides. There are also some small, white, albite crystals growing on parts of the tourmaline, some that are fully intact and some that are not.

The specimen comes with a labled acrylic display base.

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