Huge Blue Halite

Huge Blue Halite

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Part Number:FB17-BLUHAL
From: Frozen Blue Seam, Intrepid Potash Mine, Carlsbad, New Mexico 
Size: 15 x 28.5 x 7.2cm
Weight: 6lbs, 4oz / 2846kg 

Large Blue Halite specimens have become rarer and rarer to find for sale in recent years as the supply of them has been bought up by collectors, and no new material is coming out of the mine. This specimen is exceptionally large with a very large blue "heart" around the clear halite. It's hard to tell from the photos, but the white parts are actually quite clear, and you can see your hand thru it. It was discovered in the "Frozen Blue Seam" in 2012 by Phillip Simmons, and was in the collection of one of his friends before coming to us. 

The blue halite is still just regular halite / salt, and the color is not because of any chemical or element in the salt. Rather, it is caused by the radioactive decay of Potassium in the sylvanite around the halite. There is sylvanite in the matrix on the bottom of this specimen, but don't worry, it's not radioactive. The radioactive decay a long time ago actually modified the crystal lattice of the halite, and that's what causes it to become blue. If you were to dissolve this and let it recrystalize it would form a new lattice and look entirely white like regular table salt. 

This specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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