Huge Water Clear Selenite on Matrix

Huge Water Clear Selenite on Matrix

Your Price: $6,600.00
Part Number:TZ18-SELEN
From: Naica Mine, Mexico
Size: 12 x 22.5 x 16.5cm
Weight: 2,486g 

This huge selenite crystal is water-clear and aesthetically gorgeous! The crystal is on matrix and is so clear that the matrix is visible right through it like a window. It is from an old collection and comes with a custom Sunnywood display base. The condition is excellent with only very minor edge roughness. The termination is complete and what looks like damage in the photos is actually some unusual crystal growth on the tip where the selenite growth turns and bends. You can see the straiations running vertically up the crystal, but as they approach the termination then suddenly start to bend.

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