Iridescent Chalcopyrite Balls

Iridescent Chalcopyrite Balls

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Part Number:FB19-CHBAL2
From: Tonglushan Copper Mine, Daye, Hubei, Province, China
Size: 4.8 x 5.5 x 3.8cm
Weight: 60g 

No other find in recent history has created the controversy that these have. There are those who cannot believe that these are real, and there are those who have done scientific analysis on them and concluded that they are, in fact, totally real and not faked or glued together. The story goes that a small number of these rare specimens came out of the Tonglushan Copper Mine in early 2019. They were so unusual that Rob Lavinsky and Peter Megaw went to China to investigate in person and concluded they were completely legit. There is an entire article online that Rob Lavinsky wrote describing these specimens and their origin, and soon another paper is going to be released from a respected museum that also concludes these are real. While this comes directly from our Chinese source, they are said to be from the same find as the ones Lavinsky tested. Whichever camp you fall into there is no denying that these are eye-grabbing specimens that are really special. 

This specimen is fairly large with balls up to 2cm in diameter, and there are 9 balls in total which form a rather aesthetic pattern. The iridescent colors are predominantly green and blue, but there is also some orange, and purple. It comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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