Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst "Clam"

Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst "Clam"

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Part Number:DCO16-JXR

From: Jackson Crossroads Amethyst Mine (JXR Amethyst Mine), Jacksons Crossroads, Wilkes Co., Georgia, USA
Size: 6.0 x 4.5 x 4.7cm
Weight: 112g

Jacksons Crossroads is quickly becoming known as the source of the best amethys specimens in the world. The mix of gemmy clear purple amethyst on clear white quartz is the highest quality found anywhere, and this specimen is no exception. Here we have a clam-shaped quartz "taco" with two large, purple amethyst crystals inside off it measuring up to 2.6cm. There are a few smaller amethyst crystals hiding behind the big ones. The primary amethyst crystal in the center is flawless with perfect termination and clarity. The secondary crystal on the left also has amazing luster, but does have some damage to the termination. The white quartz crystals have excellent terminations and are glass-clear.

This piece was found and owned by Terry Ledford who used to run the JXR mine before his death.

Comes with a labeled acrylic base.

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