Japanese Rhodochrosite on Pyrite
Japanese Rhodochrosite on Pyrite

Japanese Rhodochrosite on Pyrite

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Part Number:AU17-OPPU
From: Oppu Mine, Honshu Island, Japan 
Size: 11.0 x 9.6 x 2.2cm
Weight: 320g 

Japanese Rhodochrosite specimens are among the most sought after in the world, and they are perhaps the rarest to find for sale. The Oppu Mine on the island of Honshu has been closed for decades with the majority of the mining having been done in the 17th-19th centuries. As a result there is very little of this material on the market, and aesthetic, high-quality specimens like this one are extremly, extremely hard to come by. Most specimens you'll see for sale are just chucks of red rock that usually have a good amount of damage. This specimen, however, is exceptional, and we believe it to be the best Oppu Mine Rhodochrosite for sale online right now.

This specimen consists of a pyrite matrix upon which the red rhodochrosite crystals have grown. There are hundreds of sphercial rhodochrosite crystals measureing around 5mm, and the color is best described as "tomato-pulp-red". The pyrite is shiny and golden. The condition of the crystals is excellent with the only damage being along the perimiter near the bottom and bottom-left where the piece was trimmed. The botryoidal crystals elsewhere are essentially perfect.

This beautiful rhodochrosite specimen is quintesentially Japanese - even the gold and red color combination screams of Japan. This is a rare opportunity to own a top class Oppu Mine Rhodochrosite. It comes with a custom acrylic display base.

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