Large Blue Sapphire Cluster

Large Blue Sapphire Cluster

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Part Number:FB17-SAPH
From: Taplejung District, Mechi Zone, Nepal 
Size: 6.2 x 11.8 x 4.7cm
Weight: 294g 

The Taplejung District in Nepal is known for its blue sapphires, but those sapphires usually only apprear for sale in cut gemstone form. Alpine sapphire clusters from the Himalayas such as this are incredibly rare, and this is the largest one that we know of. It is an incredible find, and a very rare mineral specimen. When these blue sapphires are found on matrix there are normally just one or two crystals, but this one is completely covered with them on all sides! The largest sapphire crystal is 1.8 inches long!

The color you see is accurate, and we didn't alter it. However, due to the nature of these sapphire crystals they only appear this blue when you expose them to a bright, white light source such as in a mineral display cabinet. In normal ambient room lighting they look more grey and blend into the matrix. When light hits them, however, the blue looks like it does in these photos. So, don't be surprised when you unpackage it and see something that looks very different. It just needs the right lighting to make the blues come alive.

The overall condition is decent, but there are some broken crystals.  This specimen is not so much about beauty, but rather about rarity and uniqueness.

This specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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