Large "Grape Jelly" Amethyst from Namibia
Large 'Grape Jelly' Amethyst from Namibia

Large "Grape Jelly" Amethyst from Namibia

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Part Number:JH19-AMBIG
From: Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg Ara, Erongo, Namibia
Size: 9.6 x 18.3 x 10.5cm
Weight: 1140g 

This is an absolutely outstanding and unique amethyst specimen from Namibia! The aesthetics are fantastic with 3 primary amethyst crystals, each of whic his a deep "grape jelly" purple color. On the left side is the smallest of the 3 primary crystals, and it's actually a double-sidecar crystal with two terminations. In the middle is the beast - a bit fat amethyst crystal that measures 5.2cm in diameter! Then, on the right side is a beautiful 13.7cm long, double-terminated amethyst crystal that looks amazing shooting up from the matrix. The matrix itself has numerous much smaller quartz/amethyst crystals growing on it, and much of it has a light druzy coating. 

There are no repairs to the specimen, and condition is very good with no damage other than some chipping on the edge where the fat crystal broke off from its original host. Some faces are glassy-clear while others have some etching. Overall, and amazing specimen unlike any other that we've seen. 

The specimen comes with a custom acrylic display base.

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