Los Lamentos Wulfenite
Los Lamentos Wulfenite

Los Lamentos Wulfenite

Your Price: $400.00
Part Number:OU20-WULF
From: Los Lamentos, Ahumada, Estado de Chihuahua, Mexico
Size: 3.1 x 4.5 x 2.3cm
Weight: 14g

First of all let us apologize for the little white spec of packing material that's in almost every photo. Somehow that got missed during the photos shoot :) Beyond that, however, this is a highly aesthetic wulfenits specimen from Los Lamentos. A series of Wulfenite blades up to 2cm long are perched atop the Willemite matrix. The color and condition are excellent! 

The specimen comes with a custom display base.

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