N'chwaning Rhodochrosite
N'chwaning Rhodochrosite

N'chwaning Rhodochrosite

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Part Number:PC-DCO18-NCHWAN
From: N'chwaning Mine, Kalahari Mn Fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa
Size: 11.3 x 7.5 x 4.5cm
Weight: 372g 

N'chwaning rhodochrosite specimens are the most sought after rhodochrosites in the world and large specimens of good quality are extremely rare. This one is not only an excellent size, but it has the extra benefit of being heart-shaped which is quite approprite for such a red mineral specimen. This is the wheat sheaf habit of rhodochrosite crystals, and they're growing on a matrix of black manganite. There are also black manganite specks mixed in with the rhodochrosite, and also some quartz deep in the crevices between the individual rhodochorisite crystals. 

As is always the case with red minerals, the exact color is difficult to describe because it depends on the lighting used to view it. Here in my office as I write this description the specimen us under my desk lamp, and the color is exactly as it appears in the photos: a deep, almost cherry red color, but not quite.  There's a hint of orange in it. If you watch the video you can see how it appears in our display case. The specimen looks amazing in any lighting, really. In addition to great color, the condition is also excellent. There is no damage or dings anywhere on the face of the specimen, and even the edges are in great shape because whoever trimmed the specimen went to the trouble to keep as many crystals intact as possible. 

Comes with a custom display base.

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