Neon Blue-Green Shangbao Fluorite
Neon Blue-Green Shangbao Fluorite

Neon Blue-Green Shangbao Fluorite

Your Price: $4,600.00
Part Number:TZ19-NEONFL
From: Shangbao Mine, Hengyang, Hunan Prov., China
Size: 12.6 x 9.6 x 5.0cm
Weight: 796g 

This is one of the most eye-popping and truely spectacular Shangbao fluorite specimens we've ever seen! The color is a stunning, neon blue-green that stands out like a beacon in a display case. Any light entering from the top or sides refracts around inside causing the whole specimen to light up this crazy neon color. The condition is excellent - absolutely no damage to the face at all. From the backside you can see an internal fracture, so we had the Mile High Mineral Lab in Colorado professionally stabilize the specimen to ensure that this crack will not grow, but other than that there have been no repairs, and the color is 100% natural. 

The specimen comes with a custom Sunnywood display base.

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