Pair of Fossil Grallator Dinosaur Footprints

Pair of Fossil Grallator Dinosaur Footprints

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Part Number:DCO16-GRALPAIR

From: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Size: 21.5 x 19 x 0.8cm & 20 x 17 x .8cm

A matching pair of Grallator Variabilis footprints. These are the same footprint, but the one on the left is the positive, and the one on the right is the negative. The actual footprint is 8 x 11cm, and it is 200 million years old - from the Hettangian (Lower Jurassic) period. Most of the examples of this type of footprint are very hard to see, and some dealers will even use shoe polish to enhance the print since it wouldn't be distinguishable otherwise. No shoe polish here! There is only a very light pencil outline of the footprint, but it is faint and you might not even notice it had I not said it was there. In the photos the stone matrix looks lighter than it really is due to the lighting used to take the picture. In normal room lighting it is a darker gray color, but it has a sheen to it which is why the photography lighting makes it look so bright.

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