Pyrite from DFW Airport

Pyrite from DFW Airport

Your Price: $150.00
Part Number:DC19-DFW
From: DFW Airport, Dallas, Texas, USA
Size: 5.8 x 4.6 x 2.2cm
Weight: 76g

Here is a really, really cool pyrite specimen from an unlikely location: the DFW Airport in Dallas! The matrix material is coated with a dusting of sparkly pyrite, and running along the rim is a row of golden pyrite cubes. Super awesome! The specimen is much more sparkly in person, especially the matrix, but the diffuse lighting used to take the photos doesnt really show that. On the back are the remains of an old label (the white) and some old tack (the blue). These could easily be removed with some cleaning, but we like the way it keeps the senese of age to the specimen. This came from an old collection.

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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