Rainbow Iridescent Pyrite on Calcite from China

Rainbow Iridescent Pyrite on Calcite from China

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Part Number:FB19-IRPYCA
From: Anhui Province, China
Size: 14.0 x 19.0 x 9.2cm
Weight: 1582g 

First, let me say that the color you see is true and has not been altered in any way. We use an X-Rite Colorchecker calibration board to ensure that all of our photos are as true to the real object as possible. We don't adjust the hue or saturation at all - this is how it really looked when photographed. The colors will vary a little from monitor to monitor, but rest assured that the source JPEG file you are viewing is 100% color accurate. 

China is known for its iridescent chalcopyrite & pyrite specimens, but typically not from the Anhui Provice. This find is rather unusual not just because of the locality but also the form. This massive spray of calcite would be an impressive specimen on its own, but what really make is awesome are the dozens of pyrite spires. These spires have the most incredible iridescent rainbow coloration we have ever seen! 

The calcite itself looks "furry" from a distance, and up close you can see that each calcite crystal is covered with countless tiny off-shoot terminations. It's a modified dogtooth calcite shape. This unusual shape has trapped thousands of tiny, copper-like pyrite crystals which from a distance look like grey inclusions, but up close are clearly metallic-copper-colored pyrite. In addition to the "fuzzy" calcite crystals there are three more typical, clear calcite crystals. 

The condition is excellent with no damage seen anywhere on the face of the specimen. The back and edges have been expertly trimmed. * 

*One important thing to note, however, is that this specimen does require a good amount of light in order to look like it does in the photos. If you look at it in regular room lighting it actually looks rather grey, but as soon as you shine a bright light on it that grey turns into a rainbow of color. Most importantly, the front face needs to be brightly illuminated in order for the big iridescent pyrite crystals to really shine. Because of this we built a custom lighted display case for it. It is one of our standard 10x8x8" glass & mahogany LED lit cases which we used to sell. This display case is available with the specimen for an additional cost, so please contact us if you are interested in seeing it and finding out more. Otherwise, you will need to put the specimen in a well-lit mineral display cabinet to get the full effect like you see in these photos.

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