Rhodochrosite "Worm"
Rhodochrosite 'Worm'

Rhodochrosite "Worm"

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Part Number:ER20-WORM
From: Capillitas Mine, Andalgala, Catamarca, Argentina
Size: 3.2 x 5.3 x 2.7cm
Weight: 40g 

Here's an awesome rhodochrosite specimen from Argentina. We've seen other worm-like rhodochrosite stalactites before, but never one as crazy as this! It is coiled up in a really unusual and wild way with a snake-like pose. It almost looked like a tied knot, but it's just a very tight coil shape. The front side is a pinkish-red color while the back has a grey coating. 

The specimen comes with a labeled display base.

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