Scepter Quartz on Prase Quartz
Scepter Quartz on Prase Quartz

Scepter Quartz on Prase Quartz

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Part Number:DCO17-PRASM
From: Serifos Island, Agais, Greece 
Size: 5.9 x 5.7 x 3.5cm
Weight: 96g (including base) 

What an amazing and aesthetic quartz combo specimen from Greece! We don't think we have ever seen a sceptered quartz point on a Prasem Quartz before, and this one is really outstanding. The condition appears to be perfect with no damage or repairs. The large prasem crystal has been naturally self healed and has some interesting growth where the rehealing was occuring. On the back is a black crystal growing into both quartz crystals, and our best guess is that this is an aegerine crystal. 

The specimen comes mounted on a labled acrylic base. If you would like the mineral removed from the base for safely during shipment please let us know. If the package gets too cold or hot it might detach on its own anyways and need to be re-glued when you receive it.

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