Schorl on Feldspar

Schorl on Feldspar

Your Price: $6,000.00
Part Number:NM17-SCHFELD
From: Erongo Mountains, Namibia 
Size: 9.5 x 12.0 x 3.4cm
Weight: 212g 

We don't use the term "perfect" very often, but this specimen is absolute perfection in every way! What we have here is white feldspar covered with lustrous, dark, black tourmaline (schorl) crystals. There is no damage whatsoever, and it's possibly a floater specimen as the entire backside is also crystallized, and so are the edges. The high contrast between the white and black really makes this mineral specimen pop out, and it comes with a custom Sunnywood base. It's hard to capture with a camera just how black the schorl is. This is a very special specimen that has huge "Wow!" factor.

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