Sculptural Sulphur & Aragonite from Italy

Sculptural Sulphur & Aragonite from Italy

Your Price: $1,500.00
Part Number:FB19-ZOLFSC
From: Cozzo Disi Mine, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Size: 5.2 x 16.7 x 4.5cm
Weight: 238g 

What an incredibly aesthetic sulphur specimen this is! It has a very scuptural form that almost looks like a person holding a baby. The aragonite is a complete floater that is crystalized all around. On the backside you can see a ridge where it once detached from the host rock, but then recrystalized, so there are no exposed contact points. The stalk of aragonite is covered with sulphur crystals and is topped off with one really big one that measures 4.1cm long! Condition is quite good with a few minor dings of little consequence to the overall piece. 

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base. Note: the specimen fits quite firmly into the base, so please do not force it in/out. Gentle rocking will seat the specimen into the base, and it is best to hold it from the bottom so little pressure is applied to the rest of the specimen.

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