Spanish Fluorite w/ Lighted Base
Spanish Fluorite w/ Lighted Base

Spanish Fluorite w/ Lighted Base

Your Price: $4,800.00
Part Number:TZ22-LACOLLA
From: La Collada Mining Area, Siero, Asturias, Spain
Size: 10.0 x 12.4 x 6.0cm 
Weight: 1120g

Here is a top-quality Spanish fluorite! This is as good as it gets with highly saturated blue and purple, but also quite gemmy. There are numerous intergrown fluorite cubes, and each as the stepped edges. These edges are purple whereas the body of the crystals has a more blueish tone, especially depending on what light source you illuminate it with. 

The specimen comes with a custom display base with a built-in backlight! Yes, this is the first commercially available custom base that we have made that has a backlight built directly into the base. Under the base are 2 replaceable AAA batteries that will power the super-bright LED for 12-24 hours. There is a tiny toggle switch on the back of the base that you press to turn the light on/off.  It also comes with a traditional acrylic base too.

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