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Part Number:DCO18-STIBN
From: Wuling Mine, Jianxi, China
Size: 11.2 x 17.4 x 6.0cm
Weight: 726g (including base) 

This stibnite mineral specimen has a really insane form with sprays shooting off in various directions. Hard to describe in words, but the photos do most of the talking. The condition is extremely good with no obviously broken crystals. The spray on the top has a weird flat area which may be a contact point, or an area where other crystals were once attached, but it doesn't appear to be damage; just natural. 

This specimen is extremely fragile, so when we ship it we will pack it in a cocoon of rice hulls which has been very successful for us in the past with specimens even more delicate than this. Of course, we guarantee a safe delivery! 

The base has been carved out for the bottom of the stibnite to slip into, and it has been hot-glued in place. Therefore, it will ship with the base still attached.

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